Suggestions for Starflight: Lost Colony

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Suggestions for Starflight: Lost Colony

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I really think that Starflight: lost Colony has potential to be big. HOWEVER, I do suggest some relatively minor changes that would cause this game to be huge and bring in potentially a lot of money instead of being relagated to the free status.

1. Combat is just MUCH too hard as others have noted.. You need to both slow down the attacks and the damage incurred by at least 50-75%. I had level 5 shields and level 4 weapons. I encounted the Tafel as part of the 9th mission and got killed in less than 8 seconds. This should definitely not happen. Maybe the mission is either given too early in the game or the combat mechanics are just too darn tough or both.

2. Killing and gathering wild life should also be easier. I was attacked by an animal and was killed before I could turn to scan and stun it. It happened much too quickly.

3. Maps of each alien area should show on the in game star map as should the names of the stars/.

4. The early tutorial should involve some combat. I don't know why it wasn't included.

5. Missions should be geared to the game plot. Maybe I stopped too early but I didn't see this happening.

6. I would have loved to see each mining node and each creature with a name instead of having to land and scan everything to simply see this information

7. Fuel is much too difficult to come by in the early part of the game. I would make Endorum much more plentiful and/or use less of it to travel

I would love better graphics, but I understand that this might take too much time and effort.

and that's all I found.
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