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Hey, I'm not sure if anyone here will remember me, but I'm Mik00 from way back in the development era of the game. You probably would remember me as the annoying kid who kept asking questions and giving suggestions.

Warning: I'm back to do just that

Honestly though, I wanted to say that I recall in a very early beta version of the game the starmap and stars around you in hyperspace were much larger and it made the hyperspace area feel much larger in scale. After that version, someone complained about it (from what I recall it was literally one person) and you immediately changed it so that the stars were as small as marbles and it made the ship look MASSIVE. I was wondering if it would be possible to quick switch it back to the first map size, I feel that's what gave such a massive feel to the original games and the way it is now makes it feel small like the Genesis version. The space for each coordinate would be larger and you guys made the fuel efficiency adapt to the new smaller size, I feel like it could be easily reversed possibly?

Also, were there ever any plans to put nebulae in the game? If so, what happened, I always was curious?

Lastly, are you guys still attempting to get this game heavily updated and put on Steam?
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Re: Suggestion

Post by Steve »

The majority of the developers are no longer around, and unfortunately I was not the one that made that change, nor do I know the source code in that section of the game. Also as you probably notice, the domain and forums are completely gone so I don't know when the change was made, who made it, or what the "old settings" were.

The source code is still held by the developers, but the repo that held the source code was removed by Google and the history of changes were also lost.

I skimmed about 1300 lines of code just in case the old settings were left in comments but couldn't find anything. The change looks like it would require tweaks in several different locations and a decent amount of testing to make sure nothing breaks.

In other words, it does not look like an easy reversion.

As far as nebulae, there were tons of features that were simply not completed. Logging planets, certain crew skills, etc.

We are still very happy how the game turned out in the end despite the colorful development path.

Likewise updates seem to be unlikely. Copyright issues make profiting with this game "difficult" and everyone has moved on to other things in their lives. The work required to completely renovate the game in Unity would be considerable, and minor changes would probably not be worth it. I personally have a list of small changes I would like to implement myself, but life has gotten too busy these last few years...
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