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About StarFlight 3: Mysteries of the Universe (Fan Sequel)

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Note: Pictures, description & videos below have been taken from Blake's Starflight website here:

Starflight III Early 2000s Classic
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
To see more of the classic 2D version of Starflight 3 check out the 1st, 2nd & 3rd videos below.

Starflight III Late 2000s 3D Version
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
To see more of Stainless's 3D version of Starflight 3 check out the 4th video below.

StarFlight 3: Mysteries of the Universe was the first big Starflight related fan project out there starting in the late 1990s! What made it special in those early days was the fact it was be worked on by a team taking direct advice and input from the original Starflight makers themselves Greg & Rod. Many of us used to excitedly follow Starflight 3 all through the early 2000s but sadly much like so many promising fan projects out there the Starflight III project suffered internal conflict, important people left and the project faded away in the mid 2000s (see 3rd video below).

Fortunately the project was brought back to life in the late 2000s and was remade in 3D (see 4th video below) by the very talented creator of the Starflight 1 Remake project Stainless, however sadly this was eventually abandoned too. In 2012 a new team started working on the original idea of a phython engine 2D/3D hybrid Starflight game using more of the original SF3 art assets, however once again this rebirth faded in to oblivion too. There was a brief final rebirth of the project in 2015 but it never really got off the ground and the project has been dead since sadly.

However thanks to the dedicated efforts of multiple fans much of its original assets and source materials have been backed up and preserved to allow future fans to either learn from or even to give the project yet another rebirth. Previously private alpha demos have been compiled and made public for fans to see just how much cool work was done. See more below...

Official Project Description:
"The Starflight III project is composed of fans and originally several of the SF/SF2 authors. We are making no profit from this game, as we are distributing it for free and creating it in our own spare time. There are no legal problems in the way of this project, as we have the permission and support of the Binary Systems owner, so we are making and will finish the third official installment of the Starflight series. If you want to come aboard and help out, head to our forums and drop us a line."

If you have any questions, comments, new information, long lost materials/demos not seen here, or you just wanna discuss this old fan project feel free to comment here or start a new thread in this forum!


SF3 1990s-2002 Internal WIP Alphas/Demos - Not found!
SF3 2004 Public Navigation Demo - At starflt.com (Mirror 1)
SF3 2006 Internal WIP Alpha - At starflt.com (Mirror 1)
SF3 2010 Internal WIP 3D Alpha - At starflt.com (Mirror 1)
SF3 2006-2016 Source Files - Available by request only!

Main Project Website (Via Web Archive)
Starflight 3 Fans Facebook Group
Official Forum (Via Web Archive)
Old Project Website (Via Web Archive)
Old Official Forum
Blake's Sanctum - Starflight Series: fan page containing pics, vids, info, walkthroughs, & fan games!
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