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For discussions about the new Unity SF1 remake by Marvin Herbold
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About Starflight: The Remaking of a Legend

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Note: Some content has been taken from Blake's Starflight website here:

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Official Project Description:
Welcome to the forum for Marvin's 'Starflight: The Remaking of a Legend' project. This project is a new modern fan remake of the original 1987 PC game loved by many back in the day. Marvin is a veteran professional software and game developer who has worked for multiple well known companies such as Bethesda Softworks and Rainbow Studios, on popular games such as 'Elder Scrolls Redguard' and 'Cars: The Video Game'. As a fun side project, Marvin has decided to use his years of experience to remake his favorite childhood game with modern graphics via Unity. This game is open-source and freely available on GitHub, should anyone wish to help. Playable builds are being released on the project website and occasionally on IndieDB too.

Spemin Comms: Smerg!

Programmer & Project Lead:
Marvin Herbold

Build Master & Quality Assurance:
Michael Gams (Gamxin)

Social Media:
Daniel Blakeley (Blake)

Starflight Universe & Lore Consultant:
Stephen Rogers

Planet Map Project:
Michael Gams (676)
Daniel Blakeley (72)
Stephen Rogers (52)
Marvin Herbold (11)
Planet Clouds & Weather

Blake's Personal Comments:
Like so many great fan projects I've tributed on my Starflight website Marvin had sadly abandoned his work in 2017 due to believing no one cared about his awesome project but in reality the problem was that no one knew about it! Well now people do and after finally getting the fan feedback he wanted in 2017 Marvin is now back working on this awesome project again in 2018! In the second half of 2018 since Marvin's project finally went public the response has been amazing and the project has grown so much. The speed in which Marvin completes parts of the game is incredible. He's implemented a full galaxy of stars and planets, created weather effects for the planets, flux wormholes, alien ship encounters and the very difficult alien comms portraits.

Velox Comms

It is our hope that in the future some amazing mods will be able to be done using Marvin's completed opensource Unity based Starflight engine such as a Sega Genesis style mod (as Marvin's work is purely a PC version remake), a Starflight 2 remake, and maybe even a remake of the Starflight 3 Fan Project or Starflight The Lost Colony Project. In the meantime I've updated the pictures and videos here with Marvin's latest work and we now have a dedicated IndieDB page and a Facebook group so make sure you visit them along with Marvin's blog to check out all the amazing work he's been doing!

If you have any questions, comments, or you just wanna discuss this new fan project feel free to comment here or start a new thread in this forum!


Latest WIP Development Build Installer - at bravearmy.com (IndieDB Mirror)

Marvin's Project Blog - Your first stop for latest downloads, news and updates!
Marvin's Dev Forum - Wanna help out making the game, drop by here!
Facebook Group
Twitter Feed
Project Youtube Channel
Github Page - Project Source Files
IndieDB Page

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Blake's Sanctum - Starflight Series: fan page containing pics, vids, info, walkthroughs, & fan games!
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