City of the Ancients?

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City of the Ancients?

Post by TEPonta »

I think I've just about got this thing hsndled in Freelance mode, but I'm totally stumped on finding the Home of the Ancients, Quest #63 I bekieve. The only guess I have come up with is Cermait VI, which is blocked by a forcefield. Anyone care to help me out here?


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Re: City of the Ancients?

Post by Steve »

You are on the last quest of the game for better or worse. Once you are done with this final mission, the endgame description is given in a two-part message at starport.

Like several other quests, this one is a "talk to all aliens and compile hints" that lead you to go a certain star system, a certain planet, and to certain landing coordinates.

Semi-spoilers below...and I'll send you a private message with even more details if you need them.

...One of the two alien races you dealt with in the previous mission provide you some details on the city of the ancients, but they don't use the name ancients directly. The other of the two alien races will tell you the alternate name for the ancients and give you a very general hint about one of their centers. The third alien race is the Elowan, which has some knowledge of the city of the ancients in the Alpha quadrant that is relevant here.

End of spoilers
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Re: City of the Ancients?

Post by mluther223 »

I would love some additional hints

Been to Lir IV and found the ancient outpost with the database plates

The only other clues I have is Cermait 6 … which we can not access
ancients love to star on the oldest of m-class star systems
and outer planet of yellow star.

can you give me a spoiler or big hint how to proceed...
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