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Frequently Asked Questions

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Combat Item Drop Mechanics:

Where can I find mineral "x:" ... p=518#p522

1.) Do I have to follow the game in a strict linear order, or am I free to explore the game like I wish? For example, if I find an artifact that no-one asked me to find yet, can I get it up and keep it for later?

The missions are designed in a strictly linear order. Many artifacts provided by dialogue with alien races cannot be acquired beforehand. However hundreds of artifacts exist and may be found on planets long before you need them. Due to incredible advances in 3D printing technology, artifacts are duplicated and the originals are left where they were found. If you pick up and then discard a critical artifact that you need later, you may always go back and get it a second time.

2.) I am stuck in mission XY. Can I cheat or skip it, or can you give me some spoilers?

General guidelines for the missions may be found here:

If you need specific help on a particular mission, post in the forum or send a PM to Steve if you want spoilers.

3.) Is there a plan to translate the game to other languages?

All alien communication and mission text is contained in independent script files. English text is unfortunately stamped on quite a few graphic files, but these would not be impossible to change. If you would like to translate the game into another language, please send me a private message.

4.) Can I play only one mission time by time or is it possible to play more missions at the same time?

No, only one mission is active at a time

5.) Is there a game manual within the game, for example for hotkeys, processes, alien race infos etc.?

There is no game manual within the game. A very extensive game manual can be found on the official website at: ... n-document

All hotkeys are available under "settings" on the main menu

6.) Are there more than one starport, eventually one per alien homeworld, or is the Myrrdan starport the only one? If there are more starports, can I assign alien crewmembers there?

Unfortunately the developers never implemented additional star ports and alien home worlds are no different than other worlds, with the exception of possibly a hidden ruin or two.

7.) How do I raise the crewmember skills, and of which use are they?

Many of the skills were not implemented as fully as the developers would've liked, but some more than others. For example, the engineering skill is fully implemented, engineers gain experience as they repair ships, mineral usage decreases as they gain further skills and repair time significantly decreases. The captain skills are not implemented at all and many of the other skills are only partially implemented.

Crew skills are only developed through use.

8.) Is there any storage? Where I can warehouse things like minerals, artifacts etc. and take them back later for a little fee? Otherwise - could the trade depot keep the sold things a few days longer?

I can't imagine where warehousing would be a desirable quality in a game like this. The developers explicitly did many things to minimize equipment shuffling. All artifacts take up 0 space. Endurium and all repair minerals are always available for purchase in unlimited quantities. Considering we have removed the cap on the number of cargo pods each ship type is allowed, there should be plenty of room for keeping...say... extra radioactives around?

9.) Can I get info about the primary minerals and lifeforms on a planet with the orbital scanner readout, and couldn´t the scanner be modified to show ruins and artifacts?

The scanner actually did once have the ability to show ruins and artifacts - however for plot purposes they have remained hidden. Determined players can possibly search an entire planet, but landing coordinates for all locations are always provided somewhere to the player.

Planets are randomized on every visit, not just at the beginning of the game. With a lot of modifications to the game engine the orbital scanner could be used to provide useful information, but not without a lot of development work.

10.) Could the hyperspace scanner report more than the closing of an alien ship, like the direction where it comes from?

Alien ship encounters are based on probability and not on a static list of "hyperspace fleets" as was implemented in the earlier games. Again with considerable game engine modification this might be possible but would not an easy “patch.”

11.) Combat is (too) hard. Can I skip or cheat somehow?

If you want to cheat, ship specifications are handled by the file globals.lua. Open the file in a text editor, and have fun modifying engine top speed, acceleration, and turn rate as well as weapon and shield specifications. Note that alien ships often use the same class equipment as Myrrdan ships - so be selective in what you modify.
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