Distribute on a marketplace such as Itch.io?

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Distribute on a marketplace such as Itch.io?

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I personally find it annoying to download games from websites, I prefer to use a client to do so.

Itch.io allows anyone to host games for free, which can be downloaded from either the website or the Itch app: https://itch.io/app

Would it be possible to get Starflight TLC hosted on Itch.io? I am willing to host it myself if the creator gives permission, but it would be better if the creator hosted it himself so that he could update it and such.

Side note: Linux version? It appears that it was available in the beta: viewtopic.php?t=56

- Aaron
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Re: Distribute on a marketplace such as Itch.io?

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The intellectual property is owned by Rod McConnell. TLC is owned by Jonathan Harbour (http://jharbour.com/) starflt.com and beta.starflt.com are fan sites owned by myself. You would need to contact Jonathan Harbour for permission if you want to pursue this.

The source code for the project was written in Visual C++. One of the open-source contributors spent a lot of time to make the modifications necessary to make the code GCC compatible without forking the project, but this ended up being fairly difficult to maintain and he did not do so after Beta #4.
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