Typos and Comments

Discussion of the new series of beta test releases of this game.
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Re: Typos and Comments

Post by Alvarin »

The maps provided in the directory have some mismatches in the stars (galaxy and races)

In the battle , red powerups are called "Health" when they should be HULL
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Re: Typos and Comments

Post by Steve »

Mismatches on the stars are actually due to laziness. I threw these into the beta #4 package at the very last second. The galaxy.png is an accurate representation of the stars and constellations in the game, and is simply a screen capture of the galaxy editor. Alien_boundaries.png is from a much earlier star map and it is also simply a screen capture that someone manually drew the shaded circles and wrote the names with an editor. If someone wanted to draw the territory boundaries onto galaxy.png we only would need one map.

Sometime in the future I'm hoping we can add the alien territory shading into the in-game map.
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