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Re: Missions...

Post by karril »

I'm having trouble with the mission with the two acid planets.

I spent about 2 hours combing the warmer of the two planets in the home system and all I found was the ruins with the rod device right next to it. Its okay if someone just tells me I'm looking in the wrong place.
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Re: Missions...

Post by dhillsr »


Twins of Acid.

I am having the same issue. I did a complete search of the whole warmer planet last night, and only found the Rod Device and Ruins.

It took me a couple of hours. So am pretty sure it is not there. I have also done a moderate search of the cooler Acid Planet and didn't find anything there either.

I haven't found another system any closer that has 2 acid planets, so what are we doing wrong?

I am running Beta4, on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit.

Other than that, I love the game.
Al Ray
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Re: Missions...

Post by Al Ray »

The way I see it is that its a tricky riddle. I think it means which ever of the planets is closer to being warm. Hot is not warm I think so it might be the cooler one on one of the 60 lines, though I am not sure were exactly. I myself am having trouble with the plague mission. I have two clues, but I don't understand one of them. The one I am having trouble with is that something is located near the "central supports of the tower" I assume the tower is a constellation, however one on other constellation is described so far in the game and its not it. Can someone give me another clue?
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Re: Missions...

Post by dhillsr »

Ok, I found it,

It isn't on the "hottest" Acid Planet.
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Re: Missions...

Post by filmoret »

Ok this is it. Doesn't seem realistic, but if you think this way you might come up with this solution. Notice the red planet is blocking the sun from fully shining on the closer acid planet. This would make the second acid planet warmer. Truth and physics call this silly because the planets are orbiting not sitting still. But however this is a game and I believe that is what someone was thinking. The coldest extremes only connect at 60e or 60w if you run north and south completely on one of these numbers then you will find the artifact. I know because I found it. Anyhow try this for a mission collect 50 black acid squirters. I'm not too happy with this one :P
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Re: Missions...

Post by jmneill »

I request help locating the hyper cube. I have been searching the planets in the home system and am not having any luck after hours of searching. Could someone please give me a clue to help me. I started searching planets with energy signitures. I have done complete sweeps of these planets as well as the one without an energy signiture. I found ruin on the asteroid that mentioned a new settlement on the world beyond the gas giants as well as cryptic coordinates for the molten planet. But all I found on these planets were ruins and artifacts from previous missions. Please help.
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Re: Missions...

Post by Alvarin »

On one of previous missions it is said that the marker is embedded close to equator and prime meridian.
You should search around there in a not-too-distant area. There is another artefact there, quite obvious and therefore a distraction. The hyperCUBE quite blends in with environment and is hard to spot, given the obvious one nearby. Hope that helps without much spoil. Good luck!

I seem to be stuck with the plague mission. After a dialogue with one of the races I was sent to visit a pllanet they could not, gone there, picked up the artefact (found it by pure chance, no location was provided) and that's it... No new dialogue at any of the races. Another race told me about extinct race seen at "central supports of the tower" that doesn't really help either (even if I did understand planet location, no planetary coordinates) . Third race give some backstory but no useful info. Fourth just goes "that's life, deal with it", the rest just shoot at me on sight...
What am I missing?
HELP !!!

EIDT: Ii think I found the central support of a tower and a planet with artefact, but I just can't find it on the surface... I did pretty thorough fly around, dut evidently missed...
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Re: Missions...

Post by toyotaed »

Hint: The planet you seek has a high gravatational pull. Hint 2: It is in the Home system.
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