Discussion of the new series of beta test releases of this game.
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Post by Steve »

Ideas for future expansion:

* hidden conditions and multiple rewards for quests. Primary reward = goes on to the next quest. Hidden reward = gives extra bonus only valid when a certain quest is active but does not "complete" the quest

* Hyperspace permits

* Require military vessels and science vessels to carry certain supplies with them at all times

* Sci/Eng skill check when extracting an artifact. A randomly damaged artifact must be 'reconstructed' at starport

* planet colonization

* nebulae (4+ types, see http://starflt.com/starflt.php?ID=design#Hyperspace and http://astro.nineplanets.org/twn/cygnus.html )

* Add mineral and more lifeform retrieval missions

* Plutonium and other races utilizing and desiring minerals

* Convert all encounter scripts from credits to endurium

* Disable ship upgrades except for cargo holds and armor replacements for military vessels and science vessels. Convert all quests into upgrade rewards.

* sensor equipment class, also having some useful function. Maybe increase weapon damage,

* aliens demand missions performed for them when their attitude hits certain levels

* tired alien randomly does not know the answers to certain questions and cuts off communication after a certain number of questions

* Fluxes - certain percentage are two-way instead of just one way. A certain number have random destinations instead of fixed destinations

* Upgrades above starport - allow certain special alien race encounters to slightly upgrade ships past starport limits. (class VII equipment)

* Military ships - no purchase of ship upgrades except armor/cargo holds, must earn ship upgrades via promotions.

* Science ships - no purchase of ship upgrades except engines/armor/cargo holds. Discoveries return rewards and grants that upgrade the ship.

* randomize the locations of artifacts on planets

* trade centers

* ruin messages

* Upgraded graphics and 3D models at sites like 3dcafe.com and turbosquid

Please keep any ideas short and concise. Also keep in mind that unless the idea is very easy implement and adds a significant value to the game, even very useful ideas will probably not be address until after the series of betas are finished.
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Post by Apocolypse »

Might we get Beta 4 for Christmas, maybe ? Happy Holidays everyone !
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colors of the sun

Post by mik00 »

I think that while in a solar system the sun could actually be the same color as shown on the starmap. because i noticed that if a star is shown as say, purple maybe then while visiting a star they would not all look yellow. :ugeek:
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Excellent game so far!

Post by Al Ray »

I am really enjoying in. However there are a couple of things that I'd like to see. First, my biggest problem is the fact that the view range in combat is so small, less the enemy weapons fire. I don't know if this happenes in all version or is something that will hopefully be corrected, but it is quite annoying having wait til I am shot at to estimate the course and vector of the enemy to return fire and farther being unable to see where my shots go. Second thing, there needs to be a comm log. Third, on planet scans, indicating that the planet has life, what minerals are most common and indicating the areas where the energy signatures are would be grand. Other then this, keep up the good work and I eagerly await new versions.
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Post by Steve »

* Separate terrain vehicle cargo hold

* Lifeforms attacking and damaging the terrain vehicle should have a slight chance of injuring a random crew member as well.

* Crew members should heal naturally at a very slow rate if above 25% health. Below 25% health their health should decrease unless treated.

* Planets should have a random but predetermined life form density and mineral density. Three random minerals should also be predetermined to be the prevalent ones on the planet surface and all this information should be seen from the planetary scanner in orbit.
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Post by EnfinitI »

I just downloaded and started playing Beta 4 and I love the game so far. I like the class selection as that gives the game some depth that the previous ones lacked. The game definitely keeps with the Star Flight games of the past. I applaud the hard work you've put into this so far and many thanks for creating a new version of my two favorite games of all time.

I've only just started playing and haven't gotten through all the intro quests yet nor have I communed with any aliens or battled anything. Here are some of the things I'd like to put out there:

1. The whole "inject Endurium" thing is really irritating. This should be put back the way it was in the original Star Flight or at least have an ability to set it to "auto" or something.

2. The ability to see where every mineral and life form is on the planet is kind of a cop out as compared to the previous iterations. Half the fun for me was getting in my terrain vehicle and viewing the scanner and seeing a piece of endurium/mineral/life form way off in the distance and having to go grab it. You never knew what you would find or where you would find it. You just got a general idea of the planet from the science scans and then it was up to you to go and explore and find it. This also makes it really easy to get money because you can just keep going out filling up on minerals / life forms and selling them at starbase.

P.S. The terrain vehicle / planet thing kind of reminds me more of Star Control 2 than Star Flight

3. The star base is pretty long and it takes a lot of walking to keep going back and forth to all the doors. If there was a hotkey system for the doors so you didn't have to always walk between them would be a nice feature.

4. I'm not sure if it can really hurt your ship or anything but flying over the sun quakes the screen and gets you a warning from your crew telling you to avoid it. This didn't happen in the previous games and if you take into account Space's 3D nature you could really be flying millions of miles above the sun and out of the harmful sphere of effect.

5. Can we get the "fly into the planet and ask to dock" feature added that the previous games had? I don't know how many times I've had to circle a planet and go to the navigator to see if I can orbit the thing only to have to reposition myself. This piece ties in with #6.

6. The whole inertia thing is good for realism but it can be really irritating especially with no reverse and fast engines. You can barrel past your intended target and be half way across the system before you can turn around. Maybe adding an artifact in the game that gives you inertial dampeners or some such to negate the effect would be cool.
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Post by RickDekkard »

- When a cargo is jettisoned, possibility of select the amount.

- Timestamp in the message window. When a message is repetitive (i.e. "-> Captain, short-range scan shows...") and fills the window, one can't know if the last message is new

- More levels of Armor, Shields, etc. (one or two).

- Objects that increases features of the ship.

- Scan showing contact direction. A 8 directional (up, down, left, right, and combinations) sign can be included in the report, so one can avoid or seek the encounter. Or at least the quadrant the contact is coming from.

- Planetary scans can show the probabilities (or the presence) of find minerals of kind of life forms. Not accurate but can be useful.
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Post by andrewprofit »

*stay with the starflight original theme over startflight 2.
*Endurium should have an ancient building next to it.
*Increased range of rover.
*Ruins should have icons on the minimap
*Minimap should only be populated if the player scans the planet.
*At some point as the engineer gains enough experience he should grant an auto insert endurium option.
*At some point sa the science officer gains enough experience he should grant an auto scan planet option.
*At some point as the Navagator gains enough experience he should grant an auto orbit option.
*At some point as the Tactical officer gains enough tactical experience he should gran an auto shields up in encounters option.
*Replace the one eyed blue guy by giving the player the option to choose the male or female image from the cover art of the originally shiped Starflight box.
*Give the starting ship 20 endurium
*Create a starter ship allow the player to choose a profession class ship when the player has enough money. *make the differences between class ships more pronounced. *Give the starting player access to the research/military rooms at a minimal level of mission offering.

You have done justice to Starflight, Congrats and Good Work. Starflight is the best game I have played in over 40,000 hours of game playing experience. Keep up the good work.
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Post by andrewprofit »

I would like to see this become a massive multiplayer game with a distributed architecture instead of server based.
With a starmap based on actual astronomical data. Since there are millions of charted stars as well as buetiful images available from nasa incorporating them into starflight would be a great way for people to learn more about astronomy.
I think it would be nice if there was a web portal were players could submit jokes, encounter convorsation scripts for review and approval, upon approval they would become part of the game automatically.
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Post by andrewprofit »

*Instead of a popup box that says I cannot do something because im not close enough instead place that message in with the other messages.
*The ability to scroll out on planets would be nice
*The ability to use asdw for direction would be nice since that has become the norm for direction control.
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