Project found! Reverse Engineering Starflight 1&2

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Project found! Reverse Engineering Starflight 1&2

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I may have mentioned this Starflight fan project a couple of times in other posts but I haven't given it a proper announcement until now. A talented fellow named Sebastian has been working for a while now on reverse engineering the original Starflight PC games converting code from Forth to C. He was the one who managed to extract and get working the infamous coveted Forth planet surface generator code and seed number along with the surface creature creator for Marvin's amazing Starflight 1 remake too.

You can check out his amazing work on github here:
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Re: Project found! Reverse Engineering Starflight 1&2

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FYI: For those interested in just the data tables used, an earlier project extracted and decoded them into two Excel spreadsheets:
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