About this forum (Read before posting!)

For discussions about all other Starflight fan projects not listed above. Post new project announcements & ideas/queries here
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About this forum (Read before posting!)

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Hi guys,

The 'Other Starflight Fan Games' forum is a place for members to discuss other Starflight fan game projects that don't have a dedicated forum here. If you post a topic here that comes under one of the other forums it will be moved.

This is also the place to announce new Starflight fan projects, post ideas for a project, or post queries about how to overcome the various challenges of creating a new project.

If you are considering starting a new Starflight Fan Game it is recommended that you explore some of the existing Starflight fan game projects (successful or not) so you know you're not doubling up on something done before, what mistakes have been made in the past, and in some cases the engine was open source which you may wish to use. You can access a full list of Starflight Fan Games in the Starflight Related Game Projects thread in this forum.
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