About StarFlight 3 Universe: The Official Sequel

For discussions about the official crowdfunded sequel led by Starflight 1 & 2 lead designer Greg Johnson
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About StarFlight 3 Universe: The Official Sequel

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Note: Some content has been taken from Blake's Starflight website here:

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Yes really lol! There is an official StarFlight 3 being developed! However unfortunately due to a complete lack of media attention their crowdfunding campaign failed to reach its target. However Greg & Anthony have said in multiple places that this isn't the end of Starflight 3 and that they'll look at improving the demo and may try a crowdfund again in the future or secure a publisher. In the meantime they've created an official discord channel to keep the fans together. If you missed the campaign (like most people grr) then here's all the details below...

Official Description:
"Starflight was the first PC game to go platinum, selling over a million copies while also garnering huge critical success earning “Adventure Game of the Year”. Its sequel, Starflight 2: The Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula went on to receive “Role-Playing Game of the Year”. We're building Starflight’s next incarnation under the creative direction of its original designer, Greg Johnson and we can't do it without your help!"

If you have any questions, comments, new information, long lost materials/demos not seen here, or you just wanna discuss this game feel free to comment here or start a new thread in this forum!

Update: Greg's staff have confirmed again that Starflight 3 is not dead but that they are focusing on their new ToeJam & Earl game release at the moment, more details HERE.


None! Alpha demo was not released to the public.

Official Website
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