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Release 1.03a Download

Post by Steve » Thu May 29, 2014 12:31 pm

Starflight - The Lost Colony is released as free software under the GPL license. This software is not public domain.

Release (ZIP) ver 1.03 (58 MB)

Gameplay Manual

System Requirements:
Windows XP 32-bit or later
1024x768 screen resolution
OpenGL capable video card

Improvements since 1.03:

Fixed location of the Shimmering Pyramid artifact

Improvements since 1.02:

Upgraded Allegro to 4.2.3

The number of ships in random encounters has been decreased significantly in most cases

F11 = full screen mode for combat

When running from encounter, the ship comes to a full stop first

Disabled debugging function keys, F1-F6 are usable as shortcuts for the menus

Improvements since 1.01:

Tweaks to minerals on planets

Fix for the Nyssian encounter crash

A word picture description of the events at the end of the game given when the player completes the last mission

Default window mode instead of full screen.

Improvements since 1.00:

Numerous typo and minor quest fixes

Alien fleets now have a consistent engine speed that does not increase when the player purchases faster engines

Alien fleet sizes now depend on race.

Should resolve game crashes when orbiting planets.

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