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Release 2.0 alpha Download

Post by Steve » Thu May 29, 2014 12:31 pm

Starflight - The Lost Colony is released as free software under the GPL license. This software is not public domain.

Release ver 2.0 alpha (73 MB)

Gameplay Manual



Source Code

(OLD) Release (ZIP) ver 1.03 (58 MB)

System Requirements:
Windows XP 32-bit or later

Improvements since 2.0:
Countless game engine improvements
OpenGL requirement removed
1024x768 requirement removed, now supports any 4:3 resolution and widescreen with letterboxing
F = full screen mode for combat
F1-F9 = trigger alien encounters from hyperspace (debug mode)

Improvements since 1.03:
Fixed location of the Shimmering Pyramid artifact

Improvements since 1.02:
Upgraded Allegro to 4.2.3
The number of ships in random encounters has been decreased significantly in most cases
When running from encounter, the ship comes to a full stop first
Disabled debugging function keys, F1-F6 are usable as shortcuts for the menus

Improvements since 1.01:
Tweaks to minerals on planets
Fix for the Nyssian encounter crash
A word picture description of the events at the end of the game given when the player completes the last mission
Default window mode instead of full screen.

Improvements since 1.0:
Numerous typo and minor quest fixes
Alien fleets now have a consistent engine speed that does not increase when the player purchases faster engines
Alien fleet sizes now depend on race.
Should resolve game crashes when orbiting planets.

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