Can't get out of the trade depot

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Can't get out of the trade depot

Post by shirts » Thu Mar 07, 2013 1:17 pm

I changed the screen orientation to "windowed" from "fullscreen". Now I my mouse can't reach the bottom buttons of the screen, so I can't get out of the trade depot. ESC doesn't work because it doesn't bring up the options screen so I can go back to fullscreen. The screen is too tall. This is on a standard 1366x768 screen. Strangely, ALT-ENTER doesn't work to switch to fullscreen, either. I'm stumped. Please click on the image to see the whole thing, it's cut off in this preview.


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Re: Can't get out of the trade depot

Post by Steve » Wed Aug 07, 2013 11:38 pm

I know this is an extremely old topic, but just in case someone else runs into this, there are three solutions.

Right-click, unlock the taskbar and drag it to the left side of the screen

Drag the game window slightly above the top of the screen by clicking on the lower part of the bar so you can barely reach the top of the button

...Close the game and lose your currently running game and change back to full screen on the main menu...

The graphics are fixed - locked to 1024x768 and without a lot of work will not be changed. If your screen resolution is 1366x768 or lower I highly suggest always keeping your game running full-screen...

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