How do you fire?

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How do you fire?

Post by shirts » Thu Mar 07, 2013 12:59 pm

I can't figure out how to fire lasers and missiles. What is the hotkey for this? I've searched the manual, the website, this forum, and pressed every key on the keyboard. I can't find a list of keyboard shortcuts anywhere. All I can get is F for fullscreen and the function keys to change officers.

The computer opponent Tafel seems really relentless, he holds down the fire button as soon as he gets in range with a storm of missiles, and his lasers never miss.

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Re: How do you fire?

Post by DBG719 » Fri Mar 08, 2013 10:27 am

Two steps

At the Start up screen, click on settings to see the default operation keys.

Then when entering combat, have your Tactical Office raise your sheilds and arm your weapons. You can now fire your weapons.

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