Massive Tafel Fleet

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Massive Tafel Fleet

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I am trying to due the initial Tafel mission, like mission 5 or 6 or something. After destroying a few of their ships looking for some kind of core a huge Tafel fleet appeared and it was impossible to destroy them due to the fact that there were so many it actually succeeded and slowing down my computer to a crawl. There were probably 50+ ships that came out of no where when normally there are only 1-2 of them. If this is part of the mission it is COMPLETELY unbalanced because there is no way a fully loaded freelance vessel could take them all out considering the speed issues caused by the massive amount of missiles. :shock: :o :shock: :o
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Re: Massive Tafel Fleet

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The Tafel is one of the races where the size of their fleet varies encounter by encounter. When you encounter a massive fleet, do not sacrifice yourself.....whack as many as you feel comfortable...but when it gets dangerous.....leave the encounter. You do this by lowering your sheilds, unarming your weapons and then blasting back out to hyperspace. The next encounter or two will have smaller numbers of opposing ships. Good Luck.
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