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NEW STARFLIGHT 3 GAME in the making!

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 2:25 am
by Blake00
Woah!! I dunno if anyone is still lurking around here but a fan just posted this over on the Starflight facebook group: ... 365061789/

There appears to be a NEW STARFLIGHT 3 GAME in the making involving original SF1&2 lead designer Greg Johnson!!!

They've started a 'kickstarter like' funding campaign over on Fig. The campaign is currently not public yet as they are assessing interest:

Guess I better add this to the Starflight related games list asap haha!

Re: NEW STARFLIGHT 3 GAME in the making!

Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2018 1:28 am
by Blake00
Oh and FYI looks like Greg & Anthony have been listening to all us fans complaining about the lowest physical copy tier being too damn high (eg 125 USD + 25 USD int shipping)! He's now added a boxed copy of the game as a 40 USD addon to any existing pledge so I've just added it to my digital pledge giving me a grand total of $80 USD which is way cheaper and more around the price of competitors. Now I get to have a nice boxed copy of Starflight 3 after all! :)

Bit worrying though as they've shot up another 100 grand to 301 thousand now but that took like 10 or so days. So they're still not quite half way to the 800 grand funding requirement and there's only 16 days to go! Maybe we won't be getting the sequel we've all waited so many years for. :(

Re: NEW STARFLIGHT 3 GAME in the making!

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:25 am
by Blake00
Well it looks like it was all for nothing sadly. Just over a day to go and the Starflight 3 crowdfund is barely over halfway. 30 years waiting for a sequel and its fails due to not enough media attention. So many thousands of SF fans out there (SF1 was apparently the first ever game to go platinum with 1mil sales back in the 80s) that never got to hear about this. Such a shame!

But there's still hope as Greg & Anthony said in a recent podcast that they'll look at improving the demo and may try a crowdfund again in the future or secure a publisher. If someone comes across this thread long after it's too late, come join the starflight facebook group and they'll let you know the next time anything happens with SF3 (if there's a next time *sigh* ) plus the group is following a rather impressive Starflight 1 remake from a ex-bethesda employee so all is not lost for us old SF fans!